Structured, streamlined and comprehensive — our 55-minute STRENGTH programme is set with progression in mind. Each 12-week cycle contains three blocks: Hypertrophy, Strength, and Power.

STRENGTH is split into designated Lower Body, Upper Body and Full Body days within the week, to target specific muscle groups for an all-round refinement. Rest times between sets may be longer — but more rest doesn’t mean less intense.

With different progressions specific to every level of training, each STRENGTH workout is 100% sustainable and scalable. Whether you’re dropping in for a single session or here for the full cycle, STRENGTH is your space to work on the basics, sharpen your lifts and smash those goals.

We train hard. And we train smart.

*Ego lifting not allowed.

UPPER BODY (Vertical/Horizontal)

UPPER BODY STRENGTH places a full focus on chest, shoulders, back and arms. Each week has two Upper Body STRENGTH days: Vertical and Horizontal.

UPPER BODY Vertical comprises of exercises that move weight vertically in the direction of the torso — think shoulder presses, pull ups, bicep curls, etc. UPPER BODY Horizontal involves moves that shift weight towards or away from your body — bench press, dumbbell flys, bent-over rows, push ups, and so on.

Regardless of whether you're here for one or both sessions each week, Upper Body STRENGTH is designed to be a balanced upper body workout that’ll weed out imbalances.

LOWER BODY (Squat/Deadlift)

LOWER BODY STRENGTH zones in on the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Each week is split into two main movements: Squat and Deadlift.

LOWER BODY Squat begins with a squat movement pattern as the main lift, while LOWER BODY Deadlift begins with a deadlift movement pattern. Each workout is paired with accompanying accessories and a spicy finisher to assist in making new PRs and ensure all bases are covered.

CONDITIONING is here to push your limits and ignite the fire within. Expect a maximised 45-minutes of intense cardio-focused work, where machines, ropes, boxes, slam balls, and free weights take over.

CONDITIONING contains three types of classes: Aerobic, Anaerobic and Flux Cardio, which each require different energy pathways.

Ultimately, the goal of CONDITIONING is to build a stronger, better cardiovascular system that’ll work as efficiently as possible, even during your toughest training sessions.


[ae·ro·bic: involving oxygen.]

AEROBIC is guided by one overarching principle: Not a sprint, but a marathon. Here is where you learn to pace yourself while pushing those limits, along with practicing and refining your movement techniques. AEROBIC trains you to work long and steady, while testing your stamina.


[an·ae·ro·bic: relating to an absence of oxygen.]

ANAEROBIC classes are characterised by short, hyper-intense working sets. Instead of a steady pace, ANAEROBIC rotates bursts of high-intensity work with short rest intervals. Plyometrics, machine sprint intervals and quick-fire circuits form the core of this class.

Beyond taking the body towards maximal performance, ANAEROBIC aids in increasing lactic thresholds and power output — with added carryover into your STRENGTH blocks as well.

HYBRID S&C is curated for the hybrid athlete: a way to maximise all aspects of performance - strength - power - endurance, and movement - through concurrent training. Each class starts with a strength or skill movement before transitioning into a spicy finisher for conditioning.

COALITION is a little bit of everything, and is big on pushing your limits. This circuit-style mixed-modality Sunday workout turns the whole space into your playground — with barbell work, bodyweight pods, hypertrophy supersets, machine chippers… the works. No presumptions, no reservations. Go all in.